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Army Trained, B2B Data Approved

Army Trained, B2B Data Approved

August 10, 2019


Mark Godley, CEO of LeadGenius, sits down with Amnon Mishor, Co-Founder & CTO of Leadspace, to discuss his journey in the B2B data space and how he applied his military data intelligence training to the b2b marketing space.  Mark and Amnon discuss the recent consolidation in the b2b data space and why it is a good thing for the industry and go on to make some predictions for the data industry’s future in the next five years. This is a great conversation between data wonks that you don't want to miss.

About our guest:

Amnon Mishor co-founded Leadspace (formerly Data Essence) in 2010 and served as the company’s CEO for its first four years. Amnon brings more than 10 years of experience in envisioning and leading the development of innovative solutions in the fields of web intelligence, semantic technologies, and search. Prior to Leadspace, Amnon designed and deployed successful business and competitive intelligence solutions for over a dozen high-tech organizations, including Bezeq (Israel’s national telecom company) and ECI Telecom. During his service in the Israel Defense Force, Amnon headed the Intelligence Systems and Data Mining Department of the army’s Technological Intelligence Unit.

Jim Gearhart on Building a Tech Stack to Improve the Data That Fuels It

Jim Gearhart on Building a Tech Stack to Improve the Data That Fuels It

July 24, 2019


Tech Stacks are seldom built from the ground up with an intentional purpose.  Most are cobbled together from parts (software) that exist and is being used and new parts are added.  When this happens the original intent of the stack is lost and seldom revisited much less new goals created for the whole stack.  

Jim Gearhart has an abundance of knowledge, insight and strong opinions about how to build a tech stack that will actually improve ROI and the data you need to fuel it. 

Mark Godley puts Jim Gearhart, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Development at Zendesk, in the hot seat to discuss all things Martech.  They discuss:

  • Why data is like weight
  • What is shelfware?
  • Why all organizations struggle with data
  • Why data is ingested but never used
  • Taco Bell and the Cheese Cake Factory?
  • Why fat, salt and sugar is an unhealthy situation in data
  • Say what?  Data Bloat?

Gearhart will also share his experience as a buyer, handling endless pitches from a dizzying array of vendors claiming nirvana just a PO away. Join September’s Data Dump podcast to get the inside scoop on the future of data and Martech tools.

About our guest: Jim Gearhart, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Development @ Zendesk

With two decades of experience building and leading technology teams, Gearhart has worked in a technical and strategic leadership capacity for a number of notable tech companies including HP, Agilent Technologies, Unify, Turn, Omniture,  & Adobe. Currently serving as Sr. Director of Enterprise Business Applications & Development for Zendesk, Gearhart provides executive leadership and vision to ensure Zendesk’s objectives are realized through a modern, cloud-first technology stack.  Gearhart is at the intersection of pricing & packaging decisions for Zendesk’s SaaS products, enterprise platform & process governance, and represents Zendesk in MGI's Monetization Leadership Council, a Silicon Valley group dedicated to identifying and sharing market trends and best practices for SaaS companies.  Outside of his day to day executive functions, Jim’s interests include family, world travel, science, winter sports, and scuba-diving.

Data for Everyone, Not Just the Quants

Data for Everyone, Not Just the Quants

May 29, 2019


Mark Godley sits down with Brett Hurt, CEO & Co-Founder of Data.World. This is going to be such a great, informative show because Mark and Brett’s data values align. Brett believes that data is liberating and data can lead to all types of epiphanies...which is what the team at LeadGenius preaches daily. Tune in to hear how your company, B2B or B2C, can leverage data.world’s open data sets that make up the largest collaborative data community...oh and it has a user-friendly interface that was not built for gurus and quants, just normal sales and marketing folks.  

About our guest:

Brett is the CEO and co-founder of data.world, a Public Benefit Corporation (and Certified B Corporation) focused on building the platform for modern data teamwork. data.world helps you tap into more of your company’s collective brainpower—everyone from data scientists to nontechnical experts—so you can achieve anything with data, faster. Brett is also the co-owner of Hurt Family Investments (HFI), alongside his wife, Debra. HFI are involved in 65 startups and counting, mostly based in Austin (see http://lucky7.io/portfolio for details). HFI are also invested in 19 VC funds and multiple philanthropic endeavors. Brett founded and led Bazaarvoice as CEO from 2005-2012, through its IPO, follow-on offering, and two acquisitions (PowerReviews and Longboard Media). Prior to Bazaarvoice, Brett founded and led Coremetrics, which was rated the #1 Web analytics solution by Forrester Research and, like Bazaarvoice, expanded into a global company and category leader. Coremetrics was acquired by IBM in 2010 for around $300m.