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Everything Old is New Again: Direct Mail

Everything Old is New Again: Direct Mail

June 12, 2019


Jeff Kostermans, VP of Demand Generation at LeadGenius, sits down with Daniel Guagler, CMO of PFL, to discuss the meteoric rise of tactile marketing in the past few years and how to effectively weave it into your outbound marketing plan.  Join us for a lively discussion on the resurgence of direct mail, the importance of physical address data verification when launching a direct mail program, if direct mail is here to stay and his predictions on other marketing trends we’ll see in the next few years.

About Jeff's guest:

Daniel is a business-driven, entrepreneurial-minded marketer with an extensive background in web-based marketing, search engine optimization, and direct sales. His passion is helping small businesses reach the next level. Since joining PFL in January 2005, Daniel has leveraged his strategic and hands-on approach to business to propel company growth, in his roles as Director of Business Development, Marketing Manager and Technical Service Representative (TSR). He discovered his passion for business and marketing in college when he started developing websites for local businesses and helping them get found online. He has been involved in Internet marketing for more than 10 years.

Daniel earned his bachelor's degree from Montana State University in business marketing with a strong emphasis in computer science. He credits growing up on a cattle ranch in central Montana in helping him develop an early appreciation for rolling-up his sleeves and getting the job done.


Data for Everyone, Not Just the Quants

Data for Everyone, Not Just the Quants

May 29, 2019


Mark Godley sits down with Brett Hurt, CEO & Co-Founder of Data.World. This is going to be such a great, informative show because Mark and Brett’s data values align. Brett believes that data is liberating and data can lead to all types of epiphanies...which is what the team at LeadGenius preaches daily. Tune in to hear how your company, B2B or B2C, can leverage data.world’s open data sets that make up the largest collaborative data community...oh and it has a user-friendly interface that was not built for gurus and quants, just normal sales and marketing folks.  

About our guest:

Brett is the CEO and co-founder of data.world, a Public Benefit Corporation (and Certified B Corporation) focused on building the platform for modern data teamwork. data.world helps you tap into more of your company’s collective brainpower—everyone from data scientists to nontechnical experts—so you can achieve anything with data, faster. Brett is also the co-owner of Hurt Family Investments (HFI), alongside his wife, Debra. HFI are involved in 65 startups and counting, mostly based in Austin (see http://lucky7.io/portfolio for details). HFI are also invested in 19 VC funds and multiple philanthropic endeavors. Brett founded and led Bazaarvoice as CEO from 2005-2012, through its IPO, follow-on offering, and two acquisitions (PowerReviews and Longboard Media). Prior to Bazaarvoice, Brett founded and led Coremetrics, which was rated the #1 Web analytics solution by Forrester Research and, like Bazaarvoice, expanded into a global company and category leader. Coremetrics was acquired by IBM in 2010 for around $300m.

Balancing internal systems with the customer experience

Balancing internal systems with the customer experience

May 20, 2019


Mark Godley invites Brett McBee-Wise, VP of Product at LeadGenius, to be his guest for the 2019 April Data Dump show. Brett has a rich history in the martech space and has spent his entire career designing, marketing, and building sales and marketing software.  Mark and Brett dive into what product looks like at a data company, the importance of user experience, balancing internal systems with the customer experience and much more. If you’re in product management or looking to get started Brett is an awesome resource...listen and learn!

What is the B-2-Me Revolutionary Concept?

What is the B-2-Me Revolutionary Concept?

May 20, 2019


Mark Godley sits down with Theresa Kushner, Accomplished, Business-Centric Executive, Board Advisor, and friend. Theresa and Mark have a lively discussion about a wide range of data topics: GDPR, Cambridge Analytics, B2B vs B2C data, the role of Chief Data Officers and the revolutionary concept of “B-2-Me”.  Tune in this week to hear two data gurus discuss the changes, trends and the future of data.

About Mark's guest, Theresa Kushner

Accomplished, Business-Centric Executive and Board Advisor who understands data and leads companies through transformations in the midst of rapid technology, regulatory and market disruptions. Expertise harnessing data/analytics, company, and customer information to lower costs and contribute multi-billion dollar growth for publicly traded, technology leaders. Overcomes challenges faced by the business application of technology to the data and information supply chain.

Known for ability to influence employee engagement through new initiatives, relishing innovation and reinventing business processes. Anticipates technical trends and develops tangible assets within a viable technical framework to allow for scalability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Qualified to advise CEOs and Boards of legacy and startups attempting – or developing products and services for digital transformations

Why culture, hiring and people are the essential ingredients

Why culture, hiring and people are the essential ingredients

May 19, 2019


Mark Godley sits down with Rob Kornblum, author, former VC, and friend. Rob and Mark discuss their years in tech startups and why culture, hiring and people are the essential ingredients in a successful startup. Rob even goes so far to say that the team is more important than the product! Whoa!  Join the podcast to hear from a successful author, VC, and data wonk about the skills and savvy you need to hire and succeed in the startup world.   

What happens behind the velvet curtain of mass data collection

What happens behind the velvet curtain of mass data collection

May 18, 2019


Mark's guest on DataDump in this episode is Rick Holmes, Founder of Every Market Media. Rick is a longtime friend, peer and data wrangler of our host. That means that nothing is off limits...are direct dials dead in 2019, will email be obsolete in five years, how will LinkedIn survive, and what are the dirty little secrets of B2B data wrangling. The wholesale data entrepreneur and enthusiast will entertain and school the listeners of what happens behind the velvet curtain of mass data collection and why he loves it so much.

About our guest, Rick Holmes, Founder, Every Market Media

Rick is an outbound marketing enthusiast who brings value to his customers through data feeds, software and analytical thinking. 

Most recently, he launched LeadPorte.com to provide greater access to EMM B2B data.

Prior accomplishments include ranking on the Inc 5000 three times, building a sales team from 4 to 40 and bootstrapping a business to $1 million+ in sales in its first 12 months.

What modern B2B data vendors have in common and what their future holds

What modern B2B data vendors have in common and what their future holds

May 17, 2019


Mark Godley sits down with Santosh Sharan, CEO of Everstring, for the meeting of the CEO data industry minds! Mark drills down into Prayag’s initial interest in the B2B data space and why he has stayed since his background is deeply seeded in machine learning, multilingual text, and analytics. The CEOs then go on to discuss what modern B2B data vendors have in common and what their future holds. Join the podcast to hear a lively discussion of what the leaders believe to be true about the importance of data and how it is transforming our space and beyond.  

How to create products you have complete control over.

How to create products you have complete control over.

May 16, 2019


Mark Godley, CEO of LeadGenius, chats with Maria Grineva, CEO and Co-Founder at Orb Intelligence, about her experiences as a serial entrepreneur in the data space over the last decade. What sets Maria apart from the pack is that she has built her companies without venture capital funds.

This has allowed Maria to create companies at her own pace, grow organically and create products that she and her team have complete control over. Maria has a perspective on the industry that we all wish we had...pure and free! Join us this month to get the scoop on how Maria is growing and expanding Orb Intelligence on her own terms.

About our guest, Maria Grineva

Maria Grineva (Grin-yella) is a computer scientist and tech entrepreneur. Over the last 10 years, she has built two successful technology businesses. Currently, as a Founder and CEO of Orb Intelligence, Maria's mission is to bring high-quality firmographic data and advanced tools to use it to fuel B2B advertising, marketing, and sales.

Before starting Orb, Maria worked as a Senior Scientist at Yandex, where she led a team of engineers and scientists to build a social search product called Wonder.

In 2009, Maria co-founded TweetedTimes, a personalized news service which was acquired by Yandex in 2011.

In 2010, Maria co-founded Teralytics, a big data consulting services for Swiss corporations.

Maria has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Russian Academy of Sciences with specialization in database systems, followed by two years in ETH, Zurich as a postdoc in Database Systems group. She has published her research work at prestigious academic conferences: WWW, SIGMOD, VLDB, and others.

What roles do private equity investments play in the data world?

What roles do private equity investments play in the data world?

May 15, 2019


This episode of Data Dump Podcast spotlight’s a different kind of data buyer - a buyer of data companies.  Mark Godley, Data Dump Host & CEO of LeadGenius, chats with Jason Mironov, Principal TA Associates, about the role that private equity investments play in the data world. 

Jason eloquently explains how private equity and VC funding companies differ in focus and how TA Associates helps companies maintain self-sufficiency, grow profits strategically and how best to set up companies for success. Tune in to get a different look at the B2B data world as well as some future predictions that just might help your investments.

About our guest: Jason Mironov

Jason joined TA in 2012 and has more than 11 years of experience in private equity and financial services. His current investments span information services, integrated payments, consumer and travel. With domain experience across industries, Jason looks to partner with management teams and founders with a customized approach and a clear strategy for growth and transformation.

How to build a tech stack that will actually improve ROI.

How to build a tech stack that will actually improve ROI.

May 14, 2019


Mark Godley puts Jim Gearhart, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Development at Zendesk, in the hot seat to discuss all things Martech.  Jim has an abundance of knowledge, insight and strong opinions about how to build a tech stack that will actually improve ROI and the data you need to fuel it. 

Jim will also share his experience as a buyer, handling endless pitches from a dizzying array of vendors claiming nirvana just a PO away. Join September’s Data Dump podcast to get the inside scoop on the future of data and Martech tools.

About our guest: Jim Gearhart, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Development @ Zendesk

With two decades of experience building and leading technology teams, Gearhart has worked in a technical and strategic leadership capacity for a number of notable tech companies including HP, Agilent Technologies, Unify, Turn, Omniture,  & Adobe. Currently serving as Sr. Director of Enterprise Business Applications & Development for Zendesk, Gearhart provides executive leadership and vision to ensure Zendesk’s objectives are realized through a modern, cloud-first technology stack.  Gearhart is at the intersection of pricing & packaging decisions for Zendesk’s SaaS products, enterprise platform & process governance, and represents Zendesk in MGI's Monetization Leadership Council, a Silicon Valley group dedicated to identifying and sharing market trends and best practices for SaaS companies.  Outside of his day to day executive functions, Jim’s interests include family, world travel, science, winter sports, and scuba-diving.